Today I learned...

by Emma

...that doorknobs will be banned in Vancouver, Canada


In other news, my sure-thing job turned out to be a not-so-sure-thing job, and I am officially, for the first time since September 2009, unemployed! Phone interview next week. Fingers crossed, please.


My fledgling excitement re: my nest egg of a zulily IPO is indeed fledgling compared to the nest mansion of certain members of the zulily tech team.


This seems mean...but I am laughing so hard I am crying in public. A video montage of beautiful people who think they are posing for a picture, but it's actually film. Oh the faces. 


A conversation with my barista, who I think might hate me:

Barista: how is your day going?

Me: oh, it's just starting. 

Barista: oh.

Me: how is yours?

Barista: well it certainly isn't just starting.

Me: mmmmhmmm


How do yarmulkes stay on? These jokers can't seem to provide a clear answer. 


Yesterday I pitched a story about dog poop to a hip blog. Haven't heard back, and not sure I will.