Lt. Eve Dallas

by Emma

I have a new idol. She may, in fact, be an old idol I discovered in the 8th grade when my best frenemy lent me book 17 of the In Death series, but that is neither here nor there. I have a new idol and her name is Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

She is a homicide cop. She has a trouble past and a tormented present. She is married to mysterious billionaire Roarke (no last name....or maybe it's no first name?) who has an equally troubled past but a heart of gold. She is flanked by her stalwart, dependable partner Detective Delia Peabody, plus a whole cast of quirky characters. And she doesn't take any guff.  

And before you are all like, "how is this Eve any different than every other romance-mystery-suspense heroine ever written ever?" may I just say:


A glorious future of flying cars, microwaves that can make full meals, soy products, stun guns, off-planet living and enough crime to keep even New York City's top cop plenty busy.  

I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I discovered last month that Nora Roberts (writing under pen name JD Robb) did not, in fact, stop writing this series when I was in 8th grade. She has continued to pop out two every year all this time, leaving me with upwards of 38 unread, harrowing tales of sex, scandal, death and resolution to enjoy at my leisure. 

My current regrets

  • None of my friends are interested in joining me in my Eve Dallas obsession, leaving me relegated to the 500 German weirdos who manage her Facebook page.

  • There has been no movie, Lifetime or otherwise, created in her honor. The best I can find is this Youtube video trailer JOE89100 made of the first book using clips from the WB's Charmed


There have been over 27,000 views of this 'trailer.' I am not alone.

  • I have not gotten a full night's sleep since I found out I can download them for free onto my Kindle from the King County Library.

And so I must ask. Will you join me? If not, I may have to reach out to the lady who posted this picture in 2010 of all the paperbacks she'd nabbed so far.